Khajuraho Shopping

Shopping items like iron, brass and stone sculptures are best buy of Khajuraho. especially picking some stone and metal sculpture of Kam Sutra pose are worth befitting your drawing room. Khajuraho is a prime destination in India, which draws a huge number of tourists every year from across the world. Shopping in Khajuraho would turn out to be a pleasant experience if you know what to buy and where.

The ace craftsmen of Khajuraho have over the years developed a tradition of handicrafts and handlooms.

Textile weaving is a major craft in Khajuraho. You may pick up from the variety of saris and other Indian wear while shopping in Khajuraho.

Miniature stone-carved replicas of erotic sculptures are hot favourite items for shopping in Khajuraho. They display great flexibility and imagination! If you are looking for souvenirs to take back, these are of course the best bet.

Shopping Places in Khajuraho
- The city is small and the shopping areas are few.
- The major one being in opposite the temple complex near the Gole Market.
- Also hang out at Oswal Complex and City Center for shopping in Khajuraho. Both are located    close to   the city center.
- Apart form the government emporia, numerous private outlets where you would also find usual    assortment of various crafts from all parts of Madhya Pradesh. Most of the premium hotels    have    big- small shopping arcades where you would get a variety of items for shopping.